Jesus replied to the disciples’ question, “Lord, where do you live?” by responding, “Come and See”, inviting the disciples to share in his life and mission.

Has God gifted you with a love for the poor and a desire to know Him more deeply? Do you sense a call that is persistent and irresistible? He may be offering you the precious gift of a vocation to consecrated life. Listen to what is deepest in your heart.

The Little Sisters of the Poor care for the needy Elderly, offering them a Home in which they can feel respected, safe and loved as they journey toward eternal life. In today’s society, where euthanasia is promoted as a life choice, the elderly are more and more vulnerable. This makes our vocation more relevant than ever.

To encounter Christ in prayer, to serve Him in the poor with love – that is the life of a Little Sister of the Poor and the source of our joy! Saint Jeanne Jugan often said, “It is a great grace God has given you in asking you to serve the poor!”

On the occasion of the canonization of our foundress, Saint Jeanne Jugan, Pope Benedict XVI said, “This event will show once again how living faith is prodigious in good works and how sanctity is a healing balm for the wounds of humankind.”

If you want to learn more about becoming a Little Sister, please contact Sr. Dora by calling (502)636-2300 or emailing vclouisville@littlesistersofthepoor.org.

To learn more about us:

  1. Check out our national website www.littlesistersofthepoor.org
  2. Volunteer some of  your time with the elderly in our Home
  3. Come and pray in our chapel:  Mass, Rosary, Liturgy, Eucharistic Adoration
  4. Attend one of our discernment retreats
  5. Read our Holy Father’s message on vocations.