The St. Joseph’s Family

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“I like working at Little Sisters because of the spirit and genuine care in the Home. It is truly one big family filled with love by all who are associated with the Home. The Little Sisters are right beside the Residents as they are making their journey from this life up to Heaven. What a blessing!”
- George Amback, driver and 18-year employee

“Being a volunteer at the St. Joseph Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have experienced more love than I ever could have imagined through Residents at the Little Sisters…the Residents are so appreciative and always make us feel like part of their family.”
– Rosanna C. Vessels, Volunteer (son is also a volunteer)

“When thinking of whom I owe thanks, the first ones to come to mind are the dear Little Sisters of the Poor. There are so many things they give us; our Home, the care, kindness, hospitality, love and overall graciousness. It would be impossible to recall all the ways I have been blessed since I have been here.”
- Mary Margaret Sondergeld, Resident, age 90

“The chapel is such a delight to the eyes, the whole Home is such a delight to the eyes. It is such a joy to be safe and secure in a beautiful Home with loving people all around us. I am so grateful to St. Jeanne Jugan and each of the Little Sisters of the Poor.”
- Betty Sue Ayers, Resident, age 78

“I enjoy working for the Little Sisters because the care the Residents get is excellent. I know this because my mother lived here for 3 years. I love being around the Residents. They are so cute!”
- Bea Orkies, Receptionist

“For me, I truly see Jesus in the faces of the elderly as I change their beds, clean their faces, wipe their tears and let them know they are loved and never forgotten.”
-Mary Bowles, AJJ Coordinator